At Last- Real Progress May 2013

It is just over 12 years since we started this campaign and while much has been achieved in getting the project acccepted by the numerous authorities that control such matters, nothing has happened “on the ground”  That is about to change.  Dublin City Coucil has completed the relevant process under the Planning Act and the Councillors have voted to proceed with the missing section at Dollymount.  More detail is available in earlier posts. Work will start this year and it is expected to be complete by next year.

In a related but unexpected announcement by Michael Philips, Dublin City Engineer, the Council has decided to move forward with the section of the S2S  from Fairview to Ringsend including  crossing the Liffey.  Let’s hope they can include a small pedestrian/cycle bridge linking Sir John Rogersons Quay to Ringsend, across the junction of the Dodder river with the Liffey.  What a difference that would make!

Dublin City Council officials and Councillors are to be congratulated on the positive actions they have taken to move the project forward.  They stand in stark contrast to the apathy that persists with officials in Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council, where a section of 4kms where there is no seafront walkway or cycleway remains to complete the 22Kms.

More information on the decision by Dublin City Council can be found in this article which appeard in the Irish Times: