email 6764873

From: Sides, Emma Sent: 06 June 2002 10:32

To: Subject: Helping out

Not sure how it is possible to get involved but I would be interested so perhaps you would let me know of ways you need help.

Kind regards,

Emma Sides

email 178

From: Tom Coffey Sent: 06 June 2002 13:42


Subject: Attn Cyril Forbes A great idea.

I have advocated it for years. It must be done. Count me in.

Regards, Tom Coffey

email 133

From: Denis Calahane Sent: 06 June 2002 15:35


Subject: best wishes Sounds wonderful. I’ve no particular ideas on how I might help, but would be glad to.

Denis Cahalane

email 132

From: John McInerney Sent: 06 June 2002 16:09


Subject: Active support

Hello, As one who cycles from East link to Sutton , I applaud your initiative! Let me know how I may become more actively involved.


John McInerney.

email 131

From: John.McGlade Sent: 06 June 2002 14:03


Subject: Promenade from Sutton to Sandycove

Would you please let me have further information on the proposed promenade form Sutton to Sandycove as I live in Sandymount and would be very keen to see the project proceed.

My name and address is John Mc Glade

email 130

From: Mike.Gogan Sent: 06 June 2002 17:35


Subject: Support Hi there, Well done on today’s announcement. I’m delighted with what you are proposing. I’m a practical cyclist and have lived, and still visit at various locations along the route, so I know it current limitations very well. I’d like to offer my support in a practical way if I can, although I have limited time resource, although I work in the …..which may help. Keep in touch.

Regards, Mike Gogan

email 129

From: Nick Koumarianos Sent: 06 June 2002 17:38


Subject: s2s We are in full support of s2s. Don’t forget the existing “Metals” that run alongside the Dart from Dun Laoghaire to Dalkey and which should form a branch of s2s.

Nick Koumarianos

email 127

From: Conor Wilson Sent: 06 June 2002 18:47


Subject: I second that.

Absolutely brilliant. This is an excellent addition to the cycling ’cause’ in Dublin. The only downside is that the resulting construction while tourist and recreation friendly will be extremely exposed (to wind) for cycling commuters. Maybe you could take this into account in you plans? Construction of small wind-breaks could turned into an attractive feature of s2s. Rugged ‘sea-breeze’ hardy trees and shrubbery? Small scale ‘wall’ sculptures etc.?

Keep it up! — Conor Wilson

email 126

From: ann_swift Sent: 07 June 2002 07:30

To: Subject:

Support I read with interest the publicity relating to your launch yesterday. Since returning from Chicago, where they have a fantastic ‘lake shore’ public amenity which runs the length of the city, it has always struck me how great a similar project for Dublin would be. I would be grateful if you could keep me up to date – I would be glad to help out in a small way if there was something I could usefully contribute.

With thanks

Ann Swift

email 125

From: John Fingleton Sent: 06 June 2002 20:30

To: Subject: S2S project

To whom it may concern I am thrilled by your proposal. I have made a similar suggestion to a number of politicians in the past, but had not put it together in writing, and lacked any sort of group or organisation to support it. The genesis of my idea came from Chicago where I lived and where there is an enormously successful path of over 20 miles along the lakeshore. It is one of the most notably attractive features of living in Chicago, even though it only gets used for 6 months a year because of the weather. In my own ideas, I thought that it would make sense to link the seafront path with paths out of Dublin along the tow paths of both canals. These are an excellent resource, but need to be cleaned up, but the rights of way exist, even without any difficult parts.

I even suggested that telecom companies might be interested in buying the space beneath them for ducting. The two paths offer an excellent prospect to switch people to commuting, as they are safely insulated from traffic. In many cases, there are bridges in place, so that there is no need to cross roads. A few details would increase the use of the amenity. a.. public drinking fonts along the route because people get dehydrated easily b.. adequate lighting for safety so they can be used at night c.. resources to keep them clean and tidy d.. a soft running surface alongside for public health reasons (can elaborate if necessary). e.. high quality surface that can also be used by roller-bladers Paths that can be used by runners, cyclists, roller bladers are best, because the multiple use makes the investment more justifiable and the mass of users makes them safer. However, they need to be wide and high quality. If they just copy the Phoenix Park model, it would be a disaster. I am tying this in an airplane having just read about it in the paper, so was not able to see your website in advance. Apologies if I have duplicated your work. Anyhow, I would be very happy to support your proposals if I can.

John Fingleton