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From: William Hamilton Sent: 06 June 2002 11:49


Subject: Suggestion Great idea.

Keep it up. I love cycling, walking and running but find dublin can be a pain in the you know what. Would there be any space in you plans for a jogging lane?? It is not good for joints and bones to be constantly running on concrete and roads. Could there be (at in least sections) a running surface included to take joggers into account? Maybe too expensive? Billy Hamilton From: Micheal L Collins Sent: 12 June 2002 15:48 To: Subject: Support Hi, I want to express my support for your venture. It is a sensible and attractive idea which if successful will add a wonderful sporting/leisure/health amenity to Dublin City. I am unsure how I might be of assistance but would be very happy to help out if required. Please feel free to contact me.

With Best Wishes

Micheál Collins