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From: Ross Kelly 26th May 2005

Hi, My name is Ross Kelly and I’ve been aware of your proposal for some time now and watched a documentary on RTE last night about Dublin bay and the S2S scheme. I’m very interested in the proposal and would like to be involved as: – I’m a keen cyclist and have been hit by cars too many times on the Merrion Road! – I really think its important that the general public have access to the bay. With all the apartments going up along the coast the whole city’s going to be blocked off from the bay by five story private complexes. – I remember they had the same sort of thing in Chicago (except to a much larger scale) and it made the city a great place to live. So I was wondering if there was any way in which I could get involved in the project? I’m an IT manager with significant creative, interpersonal and organizational abilities. I’m not looking for a job here, I’d like to help out one night a week or so! If you don’t have any official set-up for volunteer helpers, maybe we could meet and discuss the project and I could maybe could think of ways I could help. I’m pretty good at adding value to a project without being a drain on current resources, so I really feel I could be of genuine use. I think this project is a great idea and it has caught my imagination so I’d love to help. Congratulations on your work to date,