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From: Hugh Evans Sent: 14 September 2003 01:34

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The S2S Project I approve of the S2S website and of the project, especially because here in the United States much of the coastline is in private hands and off limits for the public. My strongest response in relation to S2S is a memory of walking on the beach at Juhu in Bombay at dusk some years ago. Juhu is a suburb of Bombay near the international airport where many Bollywood film stars and prominent Indian professionals and business people live, intermixed with great numbers of Indian midlle class and poor. It is the custom for many of these people to walk the beach at the end of the day. What results is one of the most plural and diverse mixes of people I have ever observed, all harmoniously sharing the same space. I imagine, when your project is complete, it will offer a neutral space where the diverse and interesting people of Dublin can similarly enjoy congregating in a public space. There is something about the meeting of the sea and the land that neutralizes for a moment all (or most!) considerations of class and ownership. Best wishes.

Hugh Evans