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From: Harris Andrew


Subject: Irish Independant article.

Great to see the project getting such prominent publicity.(Irish Independant supp – 30/8/03) When I first heard about it I was very excited. As a cyclist, the thought of a dedicated 22km cycle lane running along the bay was fantasy stuff especially as we live in Ireland where such things rarely come to pass. I’ve experienced similar projects in France. In the Alps there is a cycle lane the entire way around Lac d’Annecy and in the Pyrennes they have converted an old railway line into a cycle lane from Lourdes to Argeles Gazost. The only problem is unfortnately an Irish one. Cyclists here are generally disrespected and ignored by motorists and pedestrians. Where the current cycle lane runs from Sutton towards town along the bay, its good, but dangerous also. Despite the bike symbols painted on the lane, pedestrians wander all over the place totally oblivious to cyclists. Serious cyclists who do use the lanes can be doing 25mph with ease. If a child is hit by a bike it can be very serious. It doesn’t happen in Europe. If the lanes were colour coded as in the city centre it might be better. Putting in a kerb for seperation makes the lanes too narrow and overtaking impossible. Where dual purpose lanes are being installed there needs to be a public awareness campaign so as to avoid accidents. More signs along the routes warning of the dangers should also be put up. The potential of this project is enormous.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Harris.