Great Meeting of S2S Supporters 15th November 2015

We thank the large number of Supporters and Public Representatives that attended the meeting in the Tara Towers Hotel on 15th November. There was a presentation of the proposals for the Sandymount/Merrion/Blackrock Study s2s-presentation-nov-2016  and a lively discussion of the issues. In the end, there was consensus around the following resolution:

1:  Accept the proposals as a significant step forward.   

2:  Express the hope that the required environmental assessments would demonstrate that the need to protect birds/ habitats can be reconciled with the provision of (a) sustainable transport systems and  (b) access to amenity for the community.

3:  Work towards the provision of a fully coastal cycle / pedestrian route as the preferred option.

It is expected that the NTA will hold public meetings on the proposals on the 22nd and 23rd of November in the Tara Towers Hotel.  Supporters of the S2S Project are urged to attend those meetings and contribute in support of the project.

Note:   16th December 2016: Final Date for the submission of comments to the NTA