May 2006 Consultants Report Published


On 16th May 2006 the Dublin Regional Authority adopted the WSP report on the S2S project. The entire 22kms has been studied and the environmental and other issues have been identified. A preferred route and alternatives have been proposed and a preliminary estimate has been made of the cost of completing the first phase of the project. This phase is to complete those sections of the route where no promenade or cycleway now exist. At the same meeting of the authority, the Members, who are drawn from the elected Councillors of the 4 Dublin authorities, voted to get each of its members to include the S2S project in its political party’s manifesto. The completion of the report and its adoption by the authorities now opens up the way for the project to proceed to the next stage, which includes detailed design and full environmental impact studies. The process will also involve discussions with the stakeholders, including local communities and residents living near the route. It is estimated that the entire of Phase 1 could be completed in less than 4 years, if it is started immediately.
The full report can be obtained from the Dublin Regional Authority and will be available on their website very soon.