Presentation of Proposals to Dublin Bay Taskforce

We have uploaded a presentation , which was made by Tom Leahy of Dublin City Council at the Dublin Bay Taskforce in November 2008. While some elements of the proposals have changed in the intervening period, particularly in the inner city area, a lot of what is shown is still relevant. It provides a very good overview of the route and the issues that arise. It shows some details of the proposed section at the Bull Island in the North Bay which was recently approved by An Bord Pleanala.
The presentation includes references to coastal protection, which is a completely separate exercise by the Local Authorities. Given that both objectives will happen in the same strip of seafront however, it makes sense to incorporate the S2S into whatever is agreed as a solution to the requirements for coastal defence..
Dublin City Council is to be commended for its positive attitude to the project as displayed in this presentation and in the success in securing an approval from An Bord Pleanala for the section at the Bull Island. If only this enthusiasm can be extended to other authorities,,,,,,,,,