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A continuous water front promenade and cycleway extending from Sutton to Sandycove and into the city centre was today (5th June 2002) announced by S2S (Sutton to Sandycove Promenade and Cycleway Campaign). The promenade and cycleway will extend approximately 22km from Sutton to Sandycove, linking and upgrading where appropriate, existing walkways and cycleways. Where these do not exist, it is proposed to construct a combined promenade and cycleway, each of which would be about 3 metres wide.

Based on the numbers that walk on Dun Laoghaire Pier and the promenade at Clontarf for exercise, it can be comfortably predicted that up to 100,000 people would use it on a weekly basis. The promenade would encourage people to walk, either to work or for exercise. The easy access to the city centre is a significant facility for Dubliners and tourists alike.

The cycleway, which would be alongside the promenade, would form the backbone of the extended system of existing and proposed radial cycleways and would increase the long-term use of the whole cycle network. The possibility of being able to get from the suburbs to the city centre in less than 20 minutes at rush hour for free, on a safe, level, pollution free route would make cycling very attractive.

Speaking at the announcement, Mr. Cyril Forbes, S2S steering committee, said:

"Dubliners have been using and enjoying short promenades and cycleways in various areas around Dublin Bay and many more are planned. However, they are uncoordinated, discontinuous and their potential will not be fully realised. But with a number of small changes, we believe that we could transform the plans into a continuous, safe and level seafront promenade and cycleway extending all the way from Sutton to Sandycove and link them directly to the city centre."

Mr. Michael Collins, S2S steering committee added:

"The promenade and cycleway also have the potential to address the traffic problems in the city. With a facility like this we can encourage large numbers of commuters to walk or cycle instead of taking cars. In our opinion, the possibility of being able to get from the suburbs to the city centre in less than 20 minutes at rush hour for free, on a safe, level, pollution free route will make cycling very attractive."

Also speaking at the announcement was Damian O’Malley, S2S steering committee.

"Part of the importance of Dublin Bay as an amenity is its natural and historic heritage. S2S is a project that is environmentally friendly, sustainable, relatively inexpensive and, most of all, achievable. We firmly believe that it will have wonderful benefits for Dubliners and visitors alike," he said

Any proposal to construct a seafront promenade and cycleway must be subject to a detailed design study and careful analysis of its impact. The layout, design and choice of materials should be of the highest quality to enhance the environment and respect the natural and historic heritage.

On the north side of the bay, much of the facility already exists and needs only to be upgraded, made continuous and better protected from the elements. On the south side, proposals for a seafront walkway could be enhanced to provide a continuous and level promenade, wheelchair and cycleway on the seaside of the Dart line from Dun Laoghaire to the Merrion Strand.

A route through Ringsend Park would bring the facility to join the river at the East Link bridge where, it is suggested, some imaginatively designed addition to the existing bridge could provide a much improved river crossing for pedestrians and cyclists.

A pedestrian/cyclist bridge across the Grand Canal Gut at Ringsend (lifting to allow access for boats to the Grand Canal Harbour) would extend the connection to Sir John Rogerson’s Quay on the south side. The new pedestrian and cycleway being constructed by the Dublin Docklands Development Authority up as far as the IFSC, when completed, will serve the same purpose on the north side.

S2S is an independent voluntary group, which has been formed to promote a seafront promenade and cycleway from Sutton to Sandycove. It has no other objective, and pursues this by disseminating information, fostering public debate and encouraging the authorities to realise the project. The steering group includes Cyril Forbes, Michael Collins, Paul Burke-Kennedy and Damian O’Malley.


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