Public Support for the project.

Support for the project continues to grow. In a letter to Dublin City Council advocating support, Clara Clarke has encapsulated much of what we would hope for the proposal. To quote from her submission:Clara

“As a regular cyclist and walker, I can see the huge merits of this project, which will reclaim the coastline and access to the sea, beaches, and fresh air, safe and removed from cars, lorries and roads. The S2S route, once established, will be used by commuters, families, staff during lunch and break times, as well as exercisers. It will finally encourage people out of cars, even off buses, to avail of the pleasant, SAFER, and environmentally friendlier route to and from their places of work, and as a mode of transport. It will allow students and school-children a quicker, healthier, more fun way of getting to/from school/college.”

The full text of Clara’s mail can be read in the¬†Support¬†section.