S2S – New Plans Proposed -May 2018.

Following a meeting between The National Transport Authority (NTA) and Councillors from Dublin City Council, (DCC) and Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Co Council (DLRCC), agreement has been reached on a new approach to advance the S2S project. This would complete two further sections on the seafront; one between Irishtown and Merrion Gates and the other between Blackrock and Seapoint and is an exciting prospect for supporters of the S2S.

The agreement follows the publication of a study carried out by the NTA in 2016 and public comments on it in January 2017. While much of what is now proposed remains the same as the 2016 proposals, there are also significant differences that seek to address the most contentious parts of those proposals:

  1. A new cycleway alongside the existing promenade on the seafront between Sean Moore Park and Merrion Gates, as before. (c 2.0kms)
  2. The proposed flyover at Merrion Church/ Merrion Hall to allow the permanent closure of the Merrion Gates will not now proceed.  It is acknowledged that there will be increased delays to road traffic when the frequency of Dart services increases in September 2018.  There appears to be no viable solution to the problem at this time.
  3. Provide improved cycle ways and footpaths on the Rock Road between Merrion Gates and Booterstown Dart Station, as before.
  4. Improve the existing shared cycleway and walkway through Blackrock Park between Booterstown Station and Blackrock, as before.
  5. The 2016 proposal to make Seapoint Ave one-way for road traffic will not now proceed. A new seafront walkway and cycleway will be provided between Blackrock and Seapoint in place of the walkway (only) on the seafront.  (c1.2kms)
  6. It is proposed that (with the support of the NTA) Dublin City Council and Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Council  will proceed with the development of these proposals under Part 8  of the Planning Acts.  This sets down the procedures for local authorities to carry out public works within their own areas and will involve development of the designs and the necessary environmental studies as the first steps.
  7. The NTA has undertaken to provide funding for the project.

Part of the new route between Blackrock and Maretimo which will be behind the sea wall.

While supporters of the S2S will be disappointed that the whole of the route is not on the seafront and that the proposals in respect of the section between Merrion Gates and Blackrock are less than ideal, it has to be acknowledged that these new proposals will see the completion of approximately 3.2 kms of the amenity on the seafront. This would be the first section of the S2S to be undertaken in South Dublin Bay and a significant step towards the achievement of the overall project, for which we should all be grateful to the NTA and the Councils of DCC and DLRCC.  We hope everyone will get behind this initiative.

Further information can be found in this article by Olivia Kelly in the Irish Times of 4th June 2016

Michael Collins and Clara Clark

for:  Sutton to Sandycove Promenade and Cycleway