Setback for S2S Project – March 2011

About three years ago, another feasibility study (one had already been completed by the Dublin Regional Authority) was commissioned jointly by Dublin City Council and Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Co Council with the support of the Department of Environment.
The study and report was completed by Scott Wilson, Engineers early in 2010 but has not been published. No reasons were given. Following a motion put down by Councillors Barry Ward and Stephen Fitzpatrick at DLRCC’s Council meeting in February, some light has now been cast on the matter. A web-cast of the council meeting can be found at the following link.Council Meeting

(The web-cast is nearly 3 hours long so fast-forward to 02-06-30, which is the start of the relevant debate) It is difficult not to be frustrated that a project with such widespread support continues to be blocked!