Support Needed Now – May 2019

The Sutton to Sandycove Promenade and Cycleway (S2S) proposes a 22km traffic free, level, walkway and cycleway on the seafront around Dublin Bay. The section from Sutton to East Wall is complete since 2017, but nothing has been achieved so far in Dublin Bay South. That is about to change.

Within the past year or so, the National Transport Authority (NTA) has commissioned three different studies, each of which relates in some way to the (S2S) project. They are: (a) Bus Connects, (b) the Coastal Protection of the Railway and (c) the S2S between Dun Laoghaire and Sandymount. There appears however to be little co-ordination between these bodies in relation to the S2S. The published plans for the Bus Connects show the S2S, not on the seafront, but on the Merrion Road between Booterstown and Merrion Gates and there is no instruction to Irish Rail to consider it on the seafront as part of their Coastal Protection project.  The case for considering the S2S with the Coastal Protection of the Railway is compelling and we are at a loss to understand why that is not being considered. We attach a paper that sets out the case for doing that here. We are convinced that, if this approach is not taken, a unique opportunity to complete the S2S as an unbroken traffic free, environmentally friendly walkway and cycleway on the seafront in the South Dublin Bay will be lost for at least a generation, if not forever. The NTA has sought submissions from the public on the Bus Connects proposals, to be submitted by the 31st May. Details can be found here . Supporters who believe that the S2S should be on the seafront and not on the Merrion Road, should make a submission to NTA before the deadline.